Monument restoration of tea house in the chateau park Kynžvart

Chateau Kynzvart is one of the most significant national cultural property in Czech
Republic. History of chateau is interwoven with a cosmopolitan prince house of
Metternichs. From 1998 - 2000 there was an extensive renovation of chateau
building thanks to financial support from EU. For this exemplary renovation the
chateau received a prestigious award called Europa nostra.

The chateau is surrounded by natural park which is 293 ha large. One of the most
remarkable building here is the Tea Hall. Originally as a chaple, the object was at the
end of 18th century couvert into gazebo that served to take a break and to relax
while strolling the park.

The goal of the reconstruction is renewal of this petite but very important building.
With the area of former brewery and gamekeeper’s lodge they create an impression
of antique temple above a small village.

After the reconstruction the Tea Hall will become the centre of many activities such
as chamber artistic events like concerts, performances and theatre, it will be part of
guided park visiting tour, base to many educative programs and also a ceremony
room for weddings or some jubilees. Specific of this locality is intimate connection with nature.

We kindly summon all the sympathizers of cultural properties to be part of our team
- to contribute with us with an advice, a deed or alternatively with financial support
to help the renewal of an unique Tea Hall building at chateau Kynzvart.

+420 773 776 630


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